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Haven’t heard of Psychogeography or Rorschach Theatre?

At its simplest, Psychogeography is the intersection of psychology and geography and includes these key elements:

Wandering as you explore your physical world in a leisurely way
Subverting your everyday relationship with the city through a fresh perspective
Discovering the present through the prism of the past
• …and Maybe a dash of the occult

Rorschach Theatre, DC’s home for impossible theatre, decided in 2020 to use this unique form to address our changed covid world by creating “Psychogeographies Projects: DISTANCE FREQUENCIES.” We used our unique brand of storytelling to guide participants monthly to unexpected outdoor locations around DC while presenting a season-long fictional narrative played out over layers of history and magic realism that culminated with live outdoor performances last summer at Walter Reed’s Great Lawn.


To join the Psychogeographies Project as we

Inspire community
Provide context for our new reality
Manifest hope


H Street

1333 H Street, NE

202 744 8648