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Write For You/June B Sweet is a traditional stationary, gift, and sweets shop located in the heart of the Chevy Chase Great Streets corridor for over 20 years. We are also a part of the newly designated Chevy Chase Main Street. For over 20 years, our store along the Chevy Chase corridor has served the same community. From customized stationery, wedding and party invitations to a small hostess or birthday gift – our store had sustained the business with the support of the neighborhood. The amount of loyal customers from grandparents to parents and children we operate a friendly and welcome place to go to our community. The store’s reputation and longevity has brought the seniors to appreciate their old way to shop like their old style. When seniors are not walking into the store, their senior home vans will drop off then for a little joy of fun morning or afternoon shopping. When we were able to reopen in Phase 2 of Mayor Bowser’s post-pandemic plan, we faced a huge decrease in sales due to our primary customer base being more susceptible to coronavirus. Our store primary works with seniors and their generation. Several of the similar stores near us, such as Periwinkle and Catch Can, were unable to sustain and have since closed permanently their store. We are the last gift store and stationery store within this neighborhood.


Chevy Chase

3807 McKinley Street NW, Washington DC 20015

202 686 7060